American Themed Fancy Dress Party – The Food and Games

An American themed adorned dress affair gave our hostess a superb ambit of dishes to accept from.  She chose a archetypal American approbation dinner. The aliment was delicious.  It was served cafe appearance and included turkey, redcurrant clabber and an array of veggies. Dessert was pecan pie served with a spoil-for-choice array of home-made ice creams.  I don’t apperceive whether these were acceptable USA fare, but they were gorgeous.

Food menu:

Oven broiled and honey anesthetized Turkey basted in its own juices

Stuffing fabricated with home made-breadcrumbs to a acceptable recipe

Fat, dank adulate anesthetized carrots busy with parsley

Butternut squash, broiled and busy with herbs

Creamy Garlic mash

Buttered Corn on the cob

Redcurrant jelly

Pecan pie

Home fabricated ice-cream – auto sorbet, mango and ginger, rum and raisin, 5 berries and amber fudge.

Cheese platter

We accomplished off the meal with affluence of American coffee and tea. 


Quizzes on America’s acclaimed humans and landmarks included the San-Francisco Bridge, Lincoln canonizing and Will Smith!  We breach into two teams to play charades based on American Oscar acceptable films.  We covered aggregate from ‘A artery car called Desire’ to ‘Slum dog millionaire’ so this gave every age-group a adventitious to assumption the answer.  This was a abundant way to advance into banquet – the aggregation who accomplished aboriginal was aboriginal in band for the food!!  There’s annihilation like a allowance abounding of athirst humans to get the teamwork buzzing.  Of advance I accept to say that I was on the acceptable team!!

To annular off the black we had a antagonism for the best adorned dress accouterments and the a lot of aboriginal adorned dress outfit.  The best accouterments accolade went to a rather adolescent George Washington! and the a lot of aboriginal adorned dress accouterments went to a Grand Heritage Mississippi Gambler

Family parties are boring bit-by-bit aback in appearance and I’m not surprised.  Family and accompany enjoyed themselves immensely.  Adorned dress, and games, acceptable aliment and alcohol are acceptable combination’s.  We all had fun and can’t delay for next year’s do!

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